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Gitten’ Twiggy With Composer: Silex is Golden

Build a lightweight web app using Composer, Silex, Twig and Github

When: Tuesday, Oct 8 @ 5:30-7:00 PM
(pizza/networking @ 5:30, presentation @ 6:00)
Where: Tipping Canoe (601-62 Albert St., Winnipeg)
Who: Chris Pappas, Web Developer/Front-end Specialist, Tipping Canoe

In this talk, Chris will demonstrate how easy it is to get a simple, lightweight web app up and running using Composer for dependency management, Silex and Twig for the web app itself, and Github for source control. We will go from an empty directory to a (very simple) working web app with multiple routes and flexible templating, source-controlled on Github.

Composer: http://getcomposer.org/
Silex: http://silex.sensiolabs.org/
Twig: http://twig.sensiolabs.org/
Github: http://github.com

About Chris:
Chris is primarily a front-end developer for Tipping Canoe, building HTML, CSS and JS interfaces for their network of consumer-oriented websites.  He has extensive experience with various PHP frameworks such as Zend Framework, Laravel, Symfony, and Silex.  Chris has also worked with front-end technologies such as Zurb Foundation, Twig, XSLT, Blade, ROFL, lolwut and OMGWTFBBQ!!1!

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